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Pure Pale

Forest - as far as the eye can see (by Frame_finder)

I said don’t play with your food

Blinded by the Sun (by Frame_finder)

It’s a long weekend, and we’re out of here! 
Are you in the city this holiday weekend? Don’t let the rain get you down, there’s so much to see and discover at the Museum, from special exhibitions to our iconic permanent halls. 
Here are some highlights from the past week:
An outstandingly bright meteor shower this holiday weekend.
Happy birthday to taxidermist Carl Akeley and fossil-finder Mary Anning.
The discovery of Tropeognathus, a pterosaur with a 27-foot wingspan.
Show us your Diorama Remix!
It’s been 50 years since the discovery of the cosmic microwave background.
Happy World Turtle Day from the multitude of Museum turtles. 
Have a great weekend!

“Being happy means letting go but letting go means forgetting and I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to forget”

The keys to life (via coastlineteens)


Transparent nail emoji matches your blog

Why is this happening to us? Why are you doing this to both of us?

I am terrified you’ll never sing to me again. Who am I kidding, I’m scared we’ll never speak again.

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. This hasn’t ever happened to me with anybody else ever.

Don’t you see how much I fucking love you?

You told me you had become completely numb, but if you’re numb why did you cry? Don’t numb me out. I know you’re scared, but please… don’t numb me out.

Are you scared of forgetting my eyes? The way I looked at you as if you put every star in the sky? If we’re being honest, most of the time I was half convinced you did.

Your arms feel more at home than my own walls, but I shouldn’t have made a home out of your skin.

I leave the volume turned up at night in case you call, and although I don’t think you will, I wish so badly you would.

No medication or therapist could make my mind quiet enough to focus on continuing life, and in my eyes, you could put them all out of business. You did what nobody else ever could.

You were one of my favourite parts of me.

My voice was shaking too much to explain, but I am pouring so much of myself into you, in hope to fill the gaps that leave you feeling empty. I sincerely, so badly wish you were doing okay.

I thought I was going to be the one who changed your views of love.

If you forget every beautiful and wonderful thing we’ve ever done in our time, please don’t forget how hard I tried.

Please don’t forget I’m still trying.

Texts I Couldn’t Send
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this lion really got eyelashes

this lion is prettier than i am